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Handling a bank card block

card block

card block

Using a debit card is extremely convenient and safe way to pay for purchases or services. You are always sure that your money is not stolen and even, if you lose your card, you can restrict access to your finances simply by calling to your bank

Using a debit card is extremely convenient and safe way to pay for purchases or services. You are always sure that your money is not stolen and even, if you lose your card, you can restrict access to your finances simply by calling to your bank. 

However, there are several drawbacks. One of them is an unexpected block. Has it ever occurred to you that you need some cash right away but standing in front of an ATM you realize that your bank has restricted access to your money? There are even such embarrassing situations when you have lots of groceries and suddenly you see that you card is not working meanwhile there is a long que behind you.

Definitely, this is very unpleasant and always comes in wrong time. So what causes a debit card block and how to avoid it? Let’s try to make this clear right now.

How Payment Analysis System Works

In fact, there are several reasons which lead to a situation when your card is getting blocked. The problem is that what looks to you like an ordinary purchase may be a significant reason for a bank to decline a payment. 

card block

If your purchase behavior differs from what you usually do, it is a signal for a bank to decline such a purchase. The fact is that we all do typical purchases or obtain typical services. Banks know about it and as soon as they detect that scenario is different, they see it as a red flag. 

It may sound surprising but there are around 300 various data points which help analyze your payment behavior. The process works automatically and as a result automatically leads to your card being blocked. If the analysis does not recognize your standard payments, your current and next purchases are declined. 

Some people worry that if their card is blocked they can be added to a black list which will not make it possible for them to continue using the card. It is not true. Fortunately, it works for «bad guys» only. If you are a law-abiding citizen and you call to your bank straight away, there is no problem at all.

 Why Your Car Can Be Blocked

There several main reasons why cards get blocked, these are:

  • Changing shopping spot
  • Fast purchases
  • Travelling
  • Small-big purchases

If you usually do purchases in your favorite shop but suddenly you go a different shop, it looks strange for an analytical system. It is called an unusual activity which is a signal for a bank to decline your debit card.

Moreover, if you make a number of purchases quickly you are getting blocked too. It is a typical behavior of a «bad guy». When you card is stolen a thief tries to spend all of the money as fast as he can. This is what makes banks think that your card is in danger, if you buy a lot too fast. For example, you hit several grocery stores in a row searching for a certain product within an hour. It is a signal to block your card.

This is why travelers often have their cards blocked. When travelling between the States you pay for various thing in restaurants and gas stations. It happens during quite a short period of time. Be sure, to inform your bank about your plans and destination. 

Another tactics of criminals works like this. At first, they charge a very small sum of money. This is done to simply test the water. After that they proceed to spending large sums of money. It is another indicator which signalizes that your card is in wrong hands. If you behave like this, do not be surprised when your card is declined.

Shopping in a different country may also look strange. If you do purchases in U.S. and all of a sudden you try to pay in France it is a worrysome action for a bank. This is why it is a good reason to warn your bank, if you are going to travel in order not be in an embarrassing situation.

Plus, some travelers do purchases in different geographic regions. It happens, if you use an ATM let’s say on a ship, than you reach your destination and use your card there. As a result, it is treated as an untypical buying behavior. It is a big red flag to your bank and your card is getting block while you are overseas which is very inconvenient. 

Getting Unblocked

How do you understand that your card is blocked? Sometimes it happens in quite a rude way. You just cannot buy anything. In more human-oriented banks a person calls you or sends an e-mail to inquire whether everything is okay. So how to handle this problem and what to do?

First of all, it is vital to have a backup card at hand. As long as you have two cards, you can pay almost at any situation. This is of prior importance especially, if you go overseas. 

Always keep all the information about your card in your pocket. Sometimes a bank calls you to confirm that it is really you are really using the card. To verify it they may ask a secret word which you used when registering a card or a toll-free number which is written on the back of your card. This is a legal procedure to make sure that your card is in your hands. 

Note that if a caller asks your PIN, it is forbidden and you should not provide this information. Most likely this is a criminal.

Well, as we have already mentioned do not forget to provide some information toa bank, if you are going on a trip. Tell them about where you are going to and for how long. Plus, using a prepaid card in such situation is also a good idea. It gives you conveniences but remember that you will lose numerous protections in this case.

The same goes to moving to a different residential area. Let your bank know that you are changing your home in order to prevent you card being blocked. They will refresh your address and will not decline your payments.

So, having your card blocked is not that pleasant but as you see there are several ways to handle it and prevent it. Be sure to inform your bank duly about any changes in your purchase behavior. Remember that if your card block caused really serious inconveniences, you have a right to ask for a compensation.