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Searching for treasures today



Searching for treasures is a romantic part of the past. There are a lot fantastic books devoted to this activity. However, how far is it a part of the past? In fact searching for treasures is still a good way to… Well, to spend time, to get extraordinary experience and even to make a fortune

Searching for treasures is a romantic part of the past. There are a lot fantastic books devoted to this activity. However, how far is it a part of the past? In fact searching for treasures is still a good way to… Well, to spend time, to get extraordinary experience and even to make a fortune. 

Yes, people still search for treasures and there are various reasons to do it. In fact, some of them even succeed and find that lucrative chest of jewels and ancient coins. Is it worthwhile? Of course, however the means to do it as well as efforts spent are often monstrous meanwhile there is no guarantee that you will find what you search for. 


So, let’s have a look at the most mysterious and the most attractive treasures which are not found yet and perhaps it will inspire you to set out on your own journey.

Where Do Treasures Come From?

Really, how can it be that there is a chest full of precious items buried somewhere underground? In most cases they come from the old days when there were no banks and people tried to hide their treasures as safe as possible. Of course there were very prosperous people whose fortune was big enough and it still has not been found.

In addition, many chests and pots of gold were buried during war periods. It is quite understandable. In the days when there was no confidence and banks were robbed people tried to protect their possessions. Now that wars are over the treasures are still here. Somewhere.

How about pirates and bandits? Many of them were really rich but had problems with law. As a result, the only way out to protect their money was to “invest” them in precious metals or jewelry. Where did they hide it all? A good question, perhaps you will find your own answer. 

Now let’s see which treasures are the most expensive and the most desirable nowadays.

Amber Room

This is the most famous loss of the 20th century. It was a room made of amber panels and jewelry. It was a gift of the Prussian King Frederick the First to Peter the First. The room could be found in Catherine Palace until World War II. When Nazis came they sent amber panels to Königsberg. 

Now the mystery comes into play. After Königsberg was besieged by the Red Army the amber panels disappeared. Even though the amber room was recreated in 2003 enthusiasts do not believe that this is the original. As a result, the search for the true amber room is still in process. Who knows, perhaps the person who finds it will reveal the mystery of this treasure.

Genghis Khan Tomb

In the days when Mongol Empire was strong enough and had a lot of power in the world it was ruled by Genghis Khan. He was a legendary person and very rich indeed. It is still a mystery how he died and there are a lot of magical stories about his reincarnation. 

Well, when Genghis Khan died he was buried in a secret place. There are two reasons for that. The first one is deep respect of his people who did not want their Emperor to be found by enemies. Plus, they believed that Genghis Khan could resurrect after several years and the place was chosen taking into account mysterious aspects. The second reason as you understand is treasures. It is believed that all of his riches were buried along with the Emperor. 

Now, it is clear that the person who finds Genghis Khan’s tomb will be a rich man.

Flor De La Mar

Well, whenever it comes to sea treasures there is a lot of mystery. Many of the legends are nothing but a myth. However, things are a little bit different with Flor de la Mar.

Flor de la Mar was a Portuguese ship which sank in 1511. According to the legends the ship had a lot of treasures onboard. After a collision with a group of enemies the ship sank. 

Even though the story sounds quite predictable and classic there is something more about it than just rumors. The treasures shipped were documented pretty well. It means that they were real and now they rest somewhere on the bottom of a sea. They are waiting to be found. Do not miss your chance.

Famous Russian Treasures

Among many treasures spread all over the world many of them come from Russia. The fact is that the Russian Empire was extremely rich. After Soviet army destroyed the old regime a lot of treasures were stolen than lost and now they are somewhere in the world.

Another reason is that banking system came to Russia later then to Europe. As a result, more treasures were hidden underground. Among the most famous treasures from Russia are the following:

  • Library of Ivan the Terrible
  • The gold of Alexander Kolchak
  • The treasure of Kudeyar
  • The treasures of Stepan Razin and Yemelyan Pugachev
  • Treasures of the Kremlin dungeons

Types of Treasure Hunters

Even though numerous films about searching treasures have made this activity so exciting things are not always as interesting as they are portrayed. In many cases hunting for a treasure is sometimes quite monotonous and boring. A typical name for a treasure hunter is no other than an archeologist. However, among people who search for treasures there are various types. Here they are.

  • Beachers. They dig at the beaches.
  • Diggers. They search in dungeons and caves.
  • Divers. They search in seas and oceans.
  • Record Keepers. They do their search through ancient documents.
  • Tomb riders. They search in ancient tombs.

Well, this is how you can get yourself a small fortune and make your life more exciting. As long as you are ready to rely on your luck and get some patience you will find what you are searching for. Good luck! Perhaps your treasure is waiting for you.