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The largest value banknotes in the world

1 Million Pound Banknote

1 Million Pound Banknote

Can you believe that the dollar in your pocket can be worth of a small fortune in several years? Perhaps it is difficult to believe right now but as the time goes certain banknotes tend to cost much more. There are many reasons for this process. In some cases historical background matters. Certain banknotes set world records which makes them pricey as well. Sometimes rarity plays a significant role. 

So, which banknotes are the leaders at auctions? Which of them raise millions of dollars today and why? Read on to find it out.

1918 Alexander Hamilton $1,000 Banknote

Today this banknote can be priced as much as €7,000 and even more. The price depends on the condition and intensity of the color. As far as we know, there are only 120 notes of this kind left.

1918 Alexander Hamilton $1,000 Banknote

They are so rare because of the dollar sign printed on them. This dollar bill was issued in 1918 and the rest of the series is still in circulation. At museums, however, you can find $5,000 and $10,000 bills. This is the reason why $1,000 is estimated as the most valuable variant.  

1929 Bank of New Zealand Banknote

The banknote was priced as much as €9,500 finally. Why? Until 1967 the system of sterling was spread in the country of long white clouds. For this reason their money was first printed in Europe and then delivered to New Zealand.

1929 Bank of New Zealand Banknote

The local printing began in 1934 only, straight after the Bank of New Zealand was opened. This rare banknote was issued with a hand-written date and a picture of Maori King Tawhiao. This is what makes it so desirable nowadays. 

Ming Dynasty Banknote

This rare banknote was sold at an auction for €50,854. The reason is its historical importance.

Ming Dynasty Banknote

The fact is that this banknote was issued from 1368 to 1398. Not many of them has lived up to our days. In fact, there are only two large formats which exist today. One of them is displayed at a museum. 

200 Guilders Banknote

This is the most expensive Dutch bill. Its price was €44,000 in 2013 when it was sold at an auction. Today there are only 20 banknotes of this kind left. They were issued from 1860 to 1921. It is interesting that back in those day 200 guilders was good money. For example, workers were paid around 20 guilders per week.

1 Million Pound Banknote

How about having one million dollar banknote in your pocket? It may feel unusual but there are really big banknotes existing in the world. One of them is known as £1 million Giant which is the name of the banknote.

1 Million Pound Banknote

In fact there are nine of them today and all of them were printed in 1948 by the Bank of England. The person reliable for their issue was Marshall Plan.

By the means of such banknotes he tried to improve the economy of the country. One of such economical wonders was sold for as much as €131,000 in 2011. 

First Official Banknote of Australia

The first tool of Australian economy went up at auction with the price of €186,500. The rarity of this banknote as well as its historical significance is the reason of such high interest among people who collect banknotes. 

The fact is that there was no proper monetary system in Australia until 1809. The banknotes used could be and were easily forged. However, Lieutenant-Colonel Lachlan Macquarie decided to improve the situation. In 1817 the first official bill of the country was printed.  The banknote still exists and as you know costs an impressive sum of money.

1908 Zanzibar 20 Rupees Banknote

This one was sold for €190,500 at the recent auction. Even though it was printed around 100 years ago only, its rarity is high enough. This is the most expensive banknote from Africa which still exists. There are just a few of them left today and each of them is extremely rare as far as you understand.

1924 Australian Banknote

The price of this bill reached impressive €1,000,000. It broke the record as the most expensive banknote from Australia. This a 100 pound bill which is extremely rare and desirable among collectors. By the way the bill sold from a museum in 1988. Back then its price amounted to €73,000.

1891 Red Seal $1,000 Banknote

Are you ready for a really exciting sum of money paid for a note? Not an impressive but really big? Here we go then.  Over €2,000,000 — this is the value of this note. This is the record as well because no other American banknote has ever been more expensive. Again the reason of such an excitement is historical significance. They say there are only two types of this note left in the world. 

1890 Grand Watermelon Banknote

Another rare bill with a playful name is famous for its uniqueness. At the auction its price went slightly over €2 million. The name of the banknote symbolizes large zeroes on it which look like a juicy watermelon. It has already become the symbol of U.S. history of finances and gained the world fame.

As you can see now not only is collecting banknotes an exciting hobby but a very big business as well. If you want to know more about the history of the bills or coins you can visit special websites. Many of them offer interesting historical facts and reasons why some banknotes are more interesting for sellers than others. Good luck! Perhaps one day you will own a coin which will pay you good dividends.