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Linux is not for the Average User and Apple Will Never Top Microsoft: My Take on the Major OS

best OS

best OS

First of All this is my First review of the Operating System (OS) ever. At this point I have used three of Major OS long enough to review all of them. I will try to keep it as much as realistic I can.

First of All this is my First review of the Operating System (OS) ever. At this point I have used three of Major OS long enough to review all of them. I will try to keep it as much as realistic I can.


The reason to discuss about Linux first is that, even though there are only small portion of people use Linux OS’s they seem to somehow make the buzz on the web.

Don’t believe me?

Look at Digg. If you look at Digg’s latest buzz there is at least 3-4 Linux articles. Besides that, I think Linux is not for average user. You might disagree with that, but that’s fine. For example: I installed Ubuntu 8. 10. The Installation was straight forward and I installed it with Windows XP. I liked how it looked and everything.

The part that frustrated me, was downloading any new application and getting it to work. For example, I was trying to download the latest version of Songbird. After 20 minutes I gave up. I am pretty tech Savvy person as far as I know.

Now, if it takes me all this steps, just to download a music player in my computer, do you think, an average user who is just trying to get a decent music player to play song, they will waste thier time? I do not hate Linux’s, I am just saying it could be lot more easier on the front end.

Any time (mostly) I wanted to download anything, I would have go into Terminal to type in commands. Yes I know there are easier ways to get software but not all software comes in debs. I am not that expert on Linux OS’s, but still again I thought maybe I was not just trying enough. I tried to give Ubuntu another Chance.

I installed Ubuntu on almost new Toshiba Laptop. Guess where I ran into Problem. Yes Wifi! Well, as anyone else first place in looked is Ubuntu site and I followed all the troubleshooting steps and I searched other solutions too. But no luck. This time I almost tired it for two days.

The built in driver that came with Ubuntu that won’t work and I tried downloading the windows driver from couple of different places. Nope still did not work. Or maybe is it only Me? well what about this then?

I still have Ubuntu on my Desktop and sometime I play with it to learn more about the OS. But you know, I salute the developers who works behind the Linux community. Thier hard work gives people like us a free OS so we won’t have to rely on Bill or Steve.

Nevertheless, to be honest, Linux will never top Windows or Mac OSX and alternately, Mac won’t top Windows either.


Well there is no easy way to have a discussion about Mac and PC, without going to a holy war. If you did not believe me when I told that there are only small portion of Linux user then take a look at the market shares.

Desktop OS market share as of September, 2008[1] Windows – 92. 24% Mac OS X – 5. 33% Linux – 1. 12%

Looking at the chart it looks like, it will be another 100 years by the time other Operating system catches up to windows. I am not saying it is impossible. If Microsoft keeps producing crap OS like Vista, then they will lose their market share is no time. But let me just show you a little comparison:

  • Macbook: $999 * 2. 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor * 1 GB (two SO-DIMM) 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-5300); 120 GB 5400 rpm Serial ATA hard drive; 8x SuperDrive
  • Lenovo: $499. 99 Model N500(423352U) Operating System Windows Vista Home CPU Type Intel Celeron M 575(2. 0GHz) Screen 15. 4″ WXGA Memory Size 1GB DDR2 Hard Disk 160GB
  • ASUS Eee PC Netbook: $320. 99 *XP-Preloaded with 160G large HDD. *ASUS Super Hybrid Engine and 4 cell high density battery p. * Exclusive 10GB Eee Storage with easy accessibility anywhere online. * Free 1 YR Warranty (6 month for battery, 30 day ZBD Guaranteed)

I did not even do that much research, Just copy pasted from Apple store, Amazon. com and Newegg. com. Forget web designer, musician, animator, you got a an average Joe, who’s kid is going to college. Which one do you think he is most likely to buy for his son? I would say Lenovo or Asus Eee. If you can get something double for the price of one why not?

Now comes the stability. Well… Windows Vista is really annoying, there are tons of virus for Vista and XP, they always crash. It depends on the personal taste and affordability of a person. They will buy something that reflect their taste, personality or maybe sometime they are just stuck with it.

I currently own a Macbook, PC and Ubuntu installed in one of the PC. There are some things I like better in Mac, then PC and vice versa. The problem with Apple is that their products are too God damn pricey and they will never lower their prices (at least not to point I want).

Mark my words, because they have established certain standard and lowering that standard goes against what they stand for.

So, what’s the conclusion?

My conclusion, is Linux community will keep growing and bring people with new alternatives from two major OS company but it will never reach or even get close to them. No matter how many statistics is there.

As for Apple, they will bring in their sexy, sleek products like iPhone, iPod touch that meets Steve Jobs expectancy (Whats wrong with iPhone/iPod Touch with Keyboard). Microsoft will learn from their mistakes and will try to improve and get accused for stealing ideas from apple.

Nonetheless, whatever they do they should remember that the people are priority, we spend our money to use their products. As for me, I am just another blogger, who went over the same discussion going on forever, with a different approach or maybe not.