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Instagram as means of earning



Marketing and means of making money are evolving each generation. As society and technologies develop they mix together. As a result, new simple ways of getting reach appear quite often. One of such new tendencies to get rich today is social media. Even though several decades ago they were just a platform to make friends and share photos, now they have become a marketing tool.


Instagram is already a famous and powerful tool which does help make money with pleasure. You simply enjoy life and share interesting moments of your life while your wallet is getting bigger. Is it really so and how difficult is it to make Insta-money? Time to find it out!

The First Step

What is money? In most cases it is people, since it is people who pay us for services or goods. Social media are of no exception. So, to make your first dollar you need to attract followers to your account. How to build your audience then? Here are several tips.

Fill your bio section with proper details. Add the following:

  • Several keywords and hashtags
  • Theme of your posts
  • Your Contact information
  • Your origins

Thus, you will make it easier to find your page among other users.

Another good idea to attract followers is to publish new posts regularly. It will show your followers that they can always find something interesting on your page. Be sure that you do not post too often otherwise people will get tired of you. Regularity not spamming, remember about it. One picture per day is enough.

It is also important to think about quality of your content. Try to post really good pictures. People will love them. To make your images stunning you can use inbuilt effects and settings which are really helpful. Uploading weak pictures is useless and they will not attract any interest.

Using hashtags does matter. To make you picture easily findable you need to mark it somehow. This is why hashtags are helpful. They help show your field of interests and attract relevant audience. It is important to provide proper images to proper people.

Remember that you should be active and communicate with your followers. Do not forget to reply to your followers. Liking pictures of other people is also important it will give you some attention.

Now you are ready to proceed further.

Time to Make Money

Now that you understand how the mechanics of Instagram works you are ready to procced to making money. There are several ways to do it. These are:

  • Affiliate programs
  • Promote your business
  • Sell your account
  • Sell your pictures
  • Sponsored posts

Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a deeper look into all of the ways mentioned.

Affiliate Programs

In this case you get money for a sale. On the Internet it works this way: banners of a partner are shown in your video or in your picture. A partner pays you for this. Celebrities get a lot for such kind of partnership. On Instagram you add a beautiful picture showing advantages of let’s say a service. Sales are driven through your affiliate URL.

How to show an affiliate URL? Just add it to a bio section or use any URL shortener to make it look cool. This is really simple and beneficial. It is especially convenient for travelers. Plus, it is awesome for those who work in the industry of beauty and fashion.


Not only can you create original content on the Instagram but also sponsored posts. In this way you not just post what you want to, you post information about a brand or a product. It can be a video or a picture with a caption that provides information and link of a sponsor.

In this case you do not work as an ambassador of the brand. You simply recommend it to your followers which does not oblige you to change your style. Just remember that you should promote things which are interesting for your audience. It is important to show that you can personally use the brand advertised and your followers will like it.

Selling Imigaes

Well, let’s get straightforward. Instagram is purposed to show pictures. So why not to sell them then?

Instagram is really great for photographers. You can show your images, improve them with inbuilt filters and tools, add watermarks and even add detailed descriptions. You can write about the model or the place shown in the picture.

Again, selling images is much easier as long as you have enough followers on your page, use appropriate hashtags and keywords as well. On the Internet there are even special web-platforms where you can publish your Instagram pictures.


Even though Instagram seems to be a great tool for photographers only it is not. You can run any type of business and promote it there. If you sell products, you can upload pictures of them with detailed descriptions. If you offer services you can also add various images and descriptions too.

Another popular trend on the Instagram is showing behind the scene process. Whether you wrap something, pack or prepare it you can picture it and show it. People love it.

If you want to promote your personal brand it is also easy. You can post your own pictures or moments of your life. Add something interesting in the description. Try to start a topic and it will engage people and raise their activity.

Feel free to add a lot of links. Invite people to your shop or to your online resources. Add some imagination and you will see that making money on Instagram is easy and pleasant. You can go very creative and will see how your sales rocket.

Now you understand that you can earn money and attract clients with pleasure. Just feel free to improvise and your business will grow. In case you get tired of it, you can always sell your account for good money too.